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brimstone howl visceral teen rock
MC5 I can only give you everything
dean carter jailhouse rock

brimstone howl visceral teen rock
the cavemen thug
the 409 they say
rock n roll soldiers lay down and die
wild zeros damage your health

gaza strippers yin yan and the flowerpot men
carbonas 3 days away
louis ligg and the bombs / sheena is to old
jonesy hate me
the amplifetes whizz kid
t rex country

winstons without you
the bonnevilles by my side
howlin wolf i have a little girl
porch ghouls bluff ciy ruckus

reverend beatman/ I'm not gonna tell ya
them / dont start crying now
the cannibals / light buld blues
rik & the pigs / dont tell on me
Los Plantronics / sheena is a punk rocker

bubble boys / need a lover
love story in blood / write a hapy ending
ricky hamilton / queen city
violence creeps / sex dwarf
bass drum of death / everythings the same

pist idiots / booze blues
the gunflowers / melancholy dog
black mambas / moderation
surf bored / black and blue
mc viper / now i want to be with you

the white wires / let it go
melanie / collide
boys order /now is the time

carbon silicon / original mixed up kid