jacques le coque / aint no fun / jacques le coque

louder than death / snot queen / stop und fick dich

concrete city / anumal blues / animal blues

the seeds / cant seem to make you mine /

pop o pies / i love new york / pop o anthology

the painkillers / only one thing

jack oblivian / sweet thang / lost weekend

the cryin out louds / bloodhound

the raconteurs / borded and raed / help us stranger

xs discharge / lifted / ha!ha! funny polis

pussycat and the dirty johnsons / pain / kafadan kontak

the heartburns / just wana be dead

the cactus blossums / lost john dean / cactus blossums

nick nuisance & the delinquents / talk to no one

groovie ghoulies / lets do it again / go! stories

the closet fairies / cssandra

the wild goners / hey baby / wham bam jam

defiant pose / fight /

Apollo 66 / sitcom USA /Primitive Garage Punk Trash Rock 'N' Roll

Creechers / get with you

garbage bags / straight to hell / kafadan comp

the humpers / 19th nervous beakdown / war is hell

the kidney flowers / everytime you come

the survivalist / into the brew

thee attacks / baby baby / strikes back

jo boot and the fabulous winds / rock n roll radio /sci fi lo fi

rex garvi / oh yeah / talkin trash lookey dookey

reptilians from andromeda / stan ofr fall / kafadan comp

the laisse fairs / redundent beach

champ bless this life DEMO /kansas

the devil dogs / I m gonna make you mine / devil hits

the hentchmen / straight up/three times infinity

the skids / hurry on boys / peaceful times

the drippers / bottled blues / action rock

mean jeans / party line / fat wreck chords

black addidas be cool / l,a,

u.k. subs / season of the witch /subversions 2