the piggies she ran away
something to chew on

jack Oblivian Scarla
lost weekend

teenage Mortgage falling down

the Cretins havent got a clue

Big Bobby And The Nightcaps

the Jackets Dreamer

the turbo A C black Listick

BBQT Savage

Glue Factory THe Indestructible Tom Crean

Amyl and the Sniffers / some Muttsmelbourne

Lucy and the Rats / stick to you

Lucy and the rts / true romance

the Brickbats / sleestacks

!vamous! stab

the atom age / walk through walls

the noble savages / she wants to get laid
Get Yourself Free: The Demos

the highmarts / run run run

i want you bad ep / third rail

alvie and the breakfast pigs / low lovin woman

alvie and the breakfast pigs

LOS VVS/ fancy car

Bat! / devil woman from outer space

Rezurex and Stellar Corpses
cool masks!

these attacks / baby baby

king brothers / Odorushikabane /

teenage head / youre tearing me apart

Guitar wolf / australopithecus

baked goods / beach shirt

the total rejection / Slip It To Me

johnny skullknuckles and the kopek millionaires / sometimes(love isnt enogh)

swampmeat brand / new cadillac

the high curbs little did i know

the dry retch / you dont want my name

A Kick In The Gulags / The Dry Retch

the mature themes / go getter

the night beats / its all right

super6 punkrock ist kein hobby
punk roc is kein hobby

sloppy seconds i wont grow up

PCT musique TheSlums / wake n bake

the vicious cycles / brother ray

mickey hawks & night riders / screamin mimi jeanie

heartless bastards / gray