rename this the lay poster

Johnny Casino's Easy Action / I gotta Woman

Dynamite Platoon / Old MacDonald had a farm

Tyler Kith & The Apostles / Criminal Gene

Do it For Johnny / from Neckbones 2016

Dale Hawkins / My Babe

Thee Windom Earls / Moneyface

Mai Tai Pink Eye / from manchester/ Greasy like that hot dog

lunacy and fever-dream surf-a-go-go.

Oblivians / Shut My Mouth

Bat! / Getaway Car

Radiators From Space / TV Screen

Danny Cleaver / Hunt Yourself

Yum Yums / I wana be the One

Digger & the Pussycats / What you Say, What you Do

The Sirens / Wig Wam Bam / More Is More

Vanilla Muffins / Gimmie Some Sugar Oi!

The Yellnuts / Young punks

Urban Dogs / New Barabrians

Rye Pines / Spiderback Boogie

Things to Come / Sweet gina

Zen Guirilla / Prechers Promise

Mujeres / La Huida

Intellectuals / Wizards of What

Juniper / Boys!Boys!Boys!Boys!

This Bike is a Pipebomb / Better off Dead

WolfWolf / Where is the Werewolf

Peter Perrett / 48 Crash / Humanworld

The Ditches / Tired Eyes

Crawdaddys / Why Dont You Smile Now

The Fevers / Loves Getting Better

Hollywood Sinners / Wild Man

Docter Explosion / Surf and Shake

Hideous Sun Demon / Cant Live Like That

Brimstone Howl / Shangri La

999 / Stranger