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hello, big goal this year to start publishing play list...

buried in this week show is a new single by the monsters, kind of a bucket list band for me to see live...also , more from that great new ep from Gulag Beach, Sarrazin Diät

mottey63 @

the blackjacks through the valley
blodd and sweat

lord high fixers round and round

nine pound hammer dead flowers
mulebite deluxe

the muffs ethyl my love
Blonder And Blonder

dixie buzzards betty lou
from Ain't Going Back

bbq year old wine

johnny kurt und die hubnerficker kombo

chubby and the gang trouble (you were always on my mind)
speed kills uk

heavy cream john johnny

howlin jaws walk by my side

the dead exs daddy issues

the torpedo monkeys chicken trash
cramps tribute Lunchtime With The Torpedo Monkeys

jack oblivian and the sheiks home in my hand
the lone ranger of love

hunches same new thing
s/t Portland 01 Yes. No. Shut It.02

pagans heart of stone Cleveland, Ohio formed in 1977
shit street 01 comp on crypt rec.

the bloody hollies sticks and stones
yours until the bitter end 11 alive rec Buffalo

mighty atomics she's gonna kill that girl
s/t dublin

the monsters im a stranger to me ep
heir first record in a coon’s age -

scott h biram time flies

carrol (wild red) dont monkey with somebodies elses monkey

the haskels baby lets french

gulag beach after the turnaround
Sarrazin Diät

marked men a little lesson fix my brain

drakulas pretty tommy

hayley and the crushers los angelos x

buzzcocks here comes the nice (small faces)

teengenerate dressed in black

the huns busy kids texas

wolfwolf i was wrong Metamorphosis

son belly chirpin tharpe
son belly

the love club slipslideskinnywide
full lenght

dm bob and the deficits mother of earth

oh no!and the tiger pit honeybear

killer kin bottom feeder blues

purple down social worker boogaloo

bauwaves u r everything Austin, Texas

beach bitches i got something soul sake down

the animals the story of bo diddly