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a whole bunch of songs i liked in 2016

secret bad boys fun fun fun (big boys) phone it in
zorton and the cannibals sinking in my love strange delights
the cowboys she wants to be french the cowboys
Los VVS Fancy car Loss VVS tape
Danny and the darleans wild about my lovin bug out
john wesley coleman bong song greatest hits
jack oblivian and the sheiks hey killer
the lone ranger of love
Meat Your Death tracking the dog meat your death
birthday noose mop hog noosifer

i dont cares wear me out loud wild stab
martha do whatever blisters in the pit of my heart
pale lips do wah diddy shi sham shimmy wanna be bad
the pukes do what diddy revengeof the pukes
tyler keith and the apostles do it for johnny do it for johnny
richmond sluts into these eyes 60 cycles of love
gino and the goons hello josephine po boy
hank haints pissing in the sink
the monsters dig my hair M
the devils misery sin you sinners
shady and the vamp youre not to blame (the horse song)
the holy teachings of rock n roll
peter wolf wastin time a cure for loneliness
the hunches razor eyes the hunches
james legg human lawn dart blood on the keys
low culture head in a bender places to hide
dark thoughts where did you go dark thoughts
draculas venus
hakan i drank to much krupnik hakan II
doctor nod shakey parts top tips
the mystery lights follow me home the mystery lights
street city surf the beach things you may have wondered about
dd owen low life baby dd owen
nancy me and the boys with child
tyvek tip to tail origin of what
CTMF it points to the clue Sq1 lp
pkew pkew pkew mid twenties skateboarder
dumbster babies coconut lifesavor lost and found
black pistol fire slowknife stilletto dont wake the riot
pure and simple dolly parton pure and simple
the cavemen i hate art / i hope they drop the bomb on me
born to hate