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Back with new stuff...and things ..and songs..and..well, back from a great trip from Nashville...crazy tow...good time

bad mojos- deadbeat- passout city

secret bad boys fun fun fun (big Boys) phone it in ep

Archie and the Bunkers- the moon and six pence- mystery lover ep

Zorton and the Criminals- sinking in my love- strange delights lp

kids in heat- gloria Kids-in Heat

Cool Mutants- Mutant Mind- Buzzhog

Low Culture- Wrong Side Of History- Places To Hide

Color TV - Meat Wagon

Drakulas- owowowowowowow

The Men- Crime

Gino and the Goons - Push Your Luck

The Maggies Marshmallows- Monkeyman- The Maggie Marschmallows

Nancy (I'm A ) Man

Movie the Band-27 28 29

The Glucks - Sick City

Paint Fumes-Puddle Of Blood

King Automatic- Les Dalton- Loraine Exotica

James Leg- Hugging the Line- Blood on the Keys

The Air-kaics I'm Free Norton Stones Tribute 45

The Cavemen - I'd Kill to See You Dead - Born to Hate