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tokyo eletron eletrify me (Ryan Rousseau)

intellectuals the girl the cows and the country

the Mouthbreathers Pedestal Rat KIng II

low culture head in a blender places to hide (dirtnap)

smASH up derby little miss t.n.t. Sounds Of Self-Defense

happy diving electric soul unity electric soul unity

james Leg Dogjaw blood on the keys

reverand beat man i see the light

Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol.2

dead biker chicks so this is it

the cavevmen why wont you/ i hate art Born to HATE

gluebag pat the price partially confused cassette

dd owen degenerate

nancy (ME) and the boys I want you bad a nice package

the Pukes Do What Diddy
revenge of the pukes

ladywolf b a jrk 2 u tape

slaughter and the dogs bang a gong vicious

Mutha Lovin chimps bunny