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Hello, well...been awhile, sorry bout that but had alot of shit going I'm back with some more crap for ya...

Atomic Suplex louie louie

juliette Seizure & the Tremor Dolls

Thee Lolitas Markie Smith

Frankie & jIMMMIE sweet home chicago death letter ep

James Leg blood on The Keys title track

loose Talk Going Down south

Mystery Lights follow me Home The Mystery Lights

Misssissipi John Hurt Stack O"lee

trash Stranglers Pinstripe Willie static Party tribute to the oblivians

Larry Dirty I had a Girl drug Absused

DD Owen Low Life Baby DD Owen ep

LiveFastDie Year of The Debt Collector

Drug Dogs take a walk Nat Dyer
boston..aug b/c

Crocodylus watch Your Back bummed out

Mutha Luving Chimps Bunny Rejected and Ignore

Waylon Thornton and the hands Count Chocula Harum Scarum ep

Clone Defects Rouge River Rebel Lizard boy

Sneaky Pinks I'm a Punk

Bummers Ever I Wanna Die

Ronnie Dawson Jump and Run