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What better way to start the summer of than with a GLAM ROCK Show....kind of

Friday Night Glam Shop

the replacements / fox on the run
the sweet / ballroom blitz
jeff dhl / little willie
naked raygun / twentieth century boy

eater / Jeepster
the shazam / helen wheels
the damned / anything
ace frehley / new york groove
the cry / discoteque
Material Issue / blockbuster

me first and the gimme gimmies / rocket man
iggy op / i'm bored
angel / little boy blue
mick ronson / white light white heat
new york dolls / subway trains
ty segal / buick mackane

mott the hoople / the golden age of rock n roll
mott the hoople / sweet jane
yo la tango / dreaming
red kross / dancing queen
sonic youth / ca plane pour moi
the pukes / jet boy jet girl

BBQT / play rock n roll
joan jett / nag
suzi quatro / race is on
gore gore girls / man and a donkey
the dollyrots / bran new key
juliette seizure & the tremor dolls / hotdog
fastbacks / hit or miss
the sirens / 123 rock n roll

the weirdos / happy people
ash / everybodys happy nowadays
glow kit / do you really
cockney rejects / blockbuster
999 / homicide
sweet / rebel rouser

davi bowie / where have all the good times gone