Walter Gavitt Ferguson - "Old Lady" - Dr. Bombodee (CD)

Lord Invader - "Yankee Dollar" - Juneberry Ethnic Series: The Real Calypso, Vol. 1 (CD)

Lord Invader - "Sly Mongoose" - Juneberry Ethnic Series: The Real Calypso, Vol. 1 (CD)

Duke of Iron - "Jam Session" - Jungle Calypso (LP)

Blinky & the Roadmasters - "Matty Gru" - Crucian Scratch Band Music (CD)

Mighty Zebra & The La Motta Brothers - "Man Smart, Woman Smarter" - Calypso from the Virgin Islands (LP)

Bert McLean's Jazz Hounds - "Calaloo Calypso Swing" - Don't Stop the Carnival (CD)

Roaring Lion - "Ba Boo La La" - Sacred 78s (CD)

Roaring Lion - "I Can Make More Love Than Romeo" - Sacred 78s (CD)

Wilmoth Houdini with Gerald Clark's Iere String Band - "Sweet Like a Sugar Cane" - Don't Stop the Carnival (CD)

Blue Boy (Superblue) - "Soca in the Shaolin Temple" - Soca in the Shaolin Temple (LP)

Catella Trinidad All-Stars - "I Just Called to Say I Love You" - Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago (CD)

The Talbot Brothers - "See What You Do" - The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda (LP)

Lord Creator - "Paint Up, Clean Up Time" - Trojan Calypso Box Set (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Behave Yourself" - Sparrow the Conqueror (LP)