Wilmoth Houdini - "Moan, People, Moan" - Calypso Capers (LP)

Mighty Dougla - "Split Me In Two" - Trinidad All-Time Calypso Hits - 1961 (LP)

The Duke of Iron - "Vitalogy" - Calypso Carnival with the Duke of Iron (LP)

Trinidad Bill (Trotman) - "Going for King" - Best of Straker's: Ah Feel to Party (CD)

Calypso Val - "Laptop" - Rebel Yell (CD)

Lord Melody - "Old Time Calypsoes" - Precious Melodies (CD)

Robert Mitchum - "What Is This Generation Coming To?" - Calypso - Is Like So ... (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Carlton Peeping at Me" - First Flight: Early Calypsos from the Emory Cook Collection (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "A Model Nation" - Calypso Sparrow (LP)

Roaring Lion - "Some Girl Something" - Sacred 78s (CD)

Lord Composer - "Linstead Market" - Putamayo Presents Calypso (CD)

King Short Shirt - "You Can't Go Back" - Leroy (LP)

Sir Lancelot - "Scandal in the Family" - Don't Stop the Carnival (CD)

The Lion with Gerald Clark and his Caribbean Serenaders - "Bing Crosby" - Don't Stop the Carnival (CD)

Wilmoth Houdini - "Gravel Gertie" - Calypso Capers (LP)