Mighty Sparrow - "Carnival in '68" - Calypso Carnival (LP)

Samuel E. Wright - "Under the Sea" - The Little Mermaid (soundtrack from the motion picture)

Lord Kitchener - "Tie Tongue Mopsy" - Klassic Kitchener Vol. 1 (CD)

Lord Kitchener - "Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half" - Klassic Kitchener Vol. 1 (CD)

Lord Melody - "Grine Um" - Ah Feel to Party: Best of Straker's (CD)

The Merrymen - "Sam Lord" - The Merrymen Story, Part 2 (courtesy listener Karl)

Young Creole - "Don't Jealous Them" - Kay Records single R45/551 (seg from NBS Radio aircheck ca. 1986)

Roaring Lion - "The Weather Man" - Sacred 78s (CD)

Atilla the Hun - "Miss Bombilla Brown" - Juneberry Ethnic Series: The Real Calypso, Vol. 3 (CD)

E. T. Mensah - "Donkey Calypso" - All For You (CD)

Kizzy Ruiz - "Collateral Damage" - True True Calypso 2004 (CD)

Solo Harmonites - "Soca Baptist" - Pan Woman - Steel Bands of Trinidad and Tobago (Delos CD)

Sing De Chorus - "Coldness of the Water (The Growler)" - Sing De Chorus: Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago (Delos CD)

The Lion - "Trinidad, Land of Calypso" - Black Music in Britain, The Early '50s, Vol. 2 (LP)

The Merrymen - "Big Bamboo" - The Merrymen Story, Part 2 (courtesy listener Karl)

Duke of Iron - "The Music Lesson" - Calypsos Too Hot To Handle (LP)