Brownie - "The Bedbug Song" - Legends of Calypso (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Rufus" - Sparrow at the Hilton (LP)

Wrangler - "Bongo Man" - Hellish Calypso (Cook Records/Smithsonian CD)

Leslie Scott & Irene Williams - "Scratch Me Back" - Legends of Calypso (CD)

Scrunter - "She Wants Me To Sing in the Party" - This Is Soca (Sire LP)

Lyttleton Paseo Band - "Mamzelle Josephine" - Port of Spain Shuffle (LP)

Bill Rogers - "Daddy Gone" - Port of Spain Shuffle (LP)

Mighty Spoiler - "Girls With Glasses" - Unspoilt (CD)

Mighty Spoiler - "Magistrate Try Himself" - Unspoilt (CD)

Lord Kitchener - "Come Back With Me Wife Nighty" - Calypso Cavalcade Vol. 3 (LP)

Lord Melody - "Aphan Taat" - Calypso Cavalcade Vol. 3 (LP)

Lord Melody - "Kathleen" - Calypso Through the Looking Glass (Cook Records/Smithsonian CD)

Arrow - "De Music" - Instant Knockout (LP)

The Torpedo - "Belly Lick" - Kings of Calypso (CD)

Ry Cooder - "F.D.R. in Trinidad" - Into the Purple Valley (LP)

Herbert Howard and the Brute Force Steel Band - "Reel and Turn" - Dance Calypso (Cook Records/Smithsonian CD)