Lord Christo - "Tantie Ernestine" - Authentic Calypso (LP)

Duke of Iron - "Rookoobay" - Jungle Calypso (LP)

Duke of Iron - "Duke of Calypso" - Juneberry Ethnic Series: The Real Calypso, Vol. 2 (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Child Father" - Sparrow the Conqueror (LP)

Neal and Massy Trinidad All-Stars - "Pan in Yuh Ruckungkertungkung" - Panorama: Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago (Delos CD)

Small Island Pride - "Mildred Don't Cry" - Calypso Atrocities (Cook LP)

Lord Commander - "No Crime, No Law" - Calypso Atrocities (Cook LP)

The Talbot Brothers - "You Can't Tell the Old from the Young" - The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda (LP)

The Mighty Terror - "Yankee Woman Ain't Cooking Sweet" - Pan Poetry (CD)

Lord Melody - "Let's Take a Chance" - Calypso Exposed (Cook LP)

Calypso Mama with the Lad Richards Orchestra - "Run Joe" - Calypso Mama (CD)

Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band - "Sabre Dance" - Liberace Presents the Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band (LP)

The Esso Trinidad Steel Band - "Erasmus B. Black" - self-titled (CD)