Walter Gavitt Ferguson - "Computer" - Dr. Bombodee (CD)

The Island Champions - "My Advice to Men" - Calypso Cavalcade Vol. 3 (LP)

Lord Beginner - "Mix Up Matrimony" - London Is the Place For Me: Trinidadian Calypso in London 1950-1956 (CD)

Preston Epps - "Divorce" - Preston Epps Calypso (LP)

Lord Melody - "Creature from the Black Lagoon" - Calypso Cavalcade Vol. 3 (LP)

Duke of Iron - "Man Centipede" - Duke of Iron (LP)

Arrow - "Menu" - Hot Hot Hot (LP)

Kizzy Ruiz - "Collateral Damage" - True True Calypso 2004 (CD)

Black Czar - "My Visit to Seville" - Calypsos from Panama (LP)

Atilla the Hun - "Where Was Butler?" - Where Was Butler? (LP)

The Lion with Gerald Clark and his Caribbean Serenaders - "Kalenda March" - Caribbean Connection (LP)

Oscar Pettiford - "Oscalypso" - The Finest of Oscar Pettiford (LP)

Lili Verona - "Massa Johnnie" - Caribbean Connection (LP)

Alan Lomax - "introduction to "Land of Canaan"" - Calypso At Midnight! (CD)

Lord Invader, Duke of Iron and Chorus - "Happy Land of Canaan" - Calypso At Midnight! (CD)

The Monarchs - "Calypso Medley" - Calypso Vol. 2 (Grand Award LP)

Lord Invader - "Teddy Boy Calypso (Bring Back the Old Cat-O-Nine)" - Kings of Calypso (CD)