Percy Dixon and His Merry Boys - "Bloodshot Eyes" - Sue Records 45 single 64-SU-3

Mighty Terror - "Millie and the Centipede" - Pan Poetry (CD)

Lord Christo - "Hurricane Janet" - Authentic Calypso with Lord Christo (LP)

E.T. Mensah & The Tempos - "St. Peter's Calypso" - All For You (CD)

Lord Kitchener - "My Pussin" - Mr. Kitch (LP)

Lord Beginner - "Victory Test Match" - London is the Place for Me: Trinidadian Calypso in London, 1950-1956 (CD)

Lloyd Simmons - "Hair in Your Teeth (a.k.a. Mango Vert - comp. Sparrow)" - Calypso Party (Bandstand BLP 102)

Sparrow's Troubadours - "Parables" - Jump-Up Time With Sparrow's Troubadours (LP)

Sparrow's Troubadours - "Carnaveles de Oriente" - Hot & Sweet (LP)

The Torpedo - "Belly Lick" - Kings of Calypso (CD)

Ross Talbot - "Short Skirts and Poly Pants" - Domino Records 7" single

Mighty Sparrow - "You Don't Love Me" - Mighty Sparrow Sings True Life Stories of Passion, People and Politics (LP)

Lord Brynner - "Mr. Crab" - Roslyn Pussy (LP)

Wilmoth Houdini - "Gin and Coconut Water" - Decca 78 rpm 23543

Calypso Mama - "Gin and Coconut Water" - Calypso Mama with the Lad Richards Orchestra (CD)

Lord Melody - "Michael Remove Your Face" - Lord Melody Sings Calypso (Cook Records/Smithsonian CD)