Blakie - "Trinidad Carnival" - Vintage Blakie (CD)

Ramdeen Maraj - "Doo Doo Darling Dhulanie" - Hot & Spicy Chutney (CD)

Lord Melody - "Radio Commercials" - Precious Melodies (CD)

Mike Alexander and the Pott Steelers - "My Brother, Your Sister" - Virgin Islands Beach Party (LP)

Mighty Sparrow - "No Money, No Love" - Mighty Sparrow, Vol. 1 (CD)

Lord Kitchener - "Trouble" - Calypso Cavalcade Vol. 3 (LP)

Lord Melody - "Turn Back, Melody" - Calypso Awakening, From the Emory Cook Collection (CD)

Lord Invader - "My Experience on the Rieperbahn" - Calypso in New York (CD)

Lord Beginner - "General Election" - Your Musical Holiday in the West Indies (LP)

The Mighty Zebra with the La Motta Brothers - "Female Woodcutter" - Calypso From the Virgin Islands (LP)

Lord Christo - "Food From Chicago" - Authentic Calypso with Lord Christo (LP)

Macbeth the Great - "Buy Me a Zeppelin" - Calypso Holiday (LP)

Wilmoth Houdini - "Don't Do That To Me" - Shango, Shouter & Obeah (CD)

Nap Hepburn - "The River" - Trinidad All-Time Calypso Hits - 1961 (LP)

Macbeth the Great - "Cab Calloway" - Calypso Holiday (LP)