Lord Christo - "Jacob from Panama" - Authentic Calypso with Lord Christo (LP)

E.T. Mensah & The Tempos - "John B. Calypso" - All For You (CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Fowl Thief Melo" - Sparrow the Conquerer (LP)

Sparrow's Troubadours - "Mas in Madison" - Jump-Up Time With Sparrow's Troubadours (LP)

Percy Dixon & His Merry Boys - "Balimbo" - Sue Records 45 single 64-SU-4

Alfred St. John's Trinidad & Tobago Steelband - "Samba de Orfeo" - Caribbean Romance (CD)

Duke of Iron - "Duke of the Calypso" - Jungle Calypso (LP)

Walter Gavitt Ferguson - "One Pant Man" - Dr. Bombodee (CD)

George Symonette - "Camilla" - Calypso and Goombay Rhythms (LP)

Macbeth the Great - "Dorothy, One Morning" - Calypso and Merengues (Folkways LP/Smithsonian CD)

Mighty Sparrow - "Martin Luther King" - Mighty Sparrow Sings True Life Stories of Passion, People and Politics (LP)

Lord Kitchener - "Too Much Holidays" - Still Escalating (CD)

Lord Brynner - "Roslyn Pussy" - Roslyn Pussy (LP)

Wilmoth Houdini with Gerald Clark's Iere String Band - "Uncle Jo', Gimme Mo!" - Poor But Ambitious (CD)

The Caresser - "Time For Man Go Home" - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set)