Trinidad Bill (Trotman) - "Monkey See, Monkey Do" - Hardness is Badness (LP)

Lord Kitchener with The Sparks - "Tourist Take Over" - Tourist in Trinidad (LP)

Red Plastic Bag - "Can't Find Me Brother" - When the Time Comes: Rebel Soca (LP)

Mighty Sparrow - "More Cock" - Hot & Sweet (CD)

The Mighty Terror - "Patricia Gone With Millicent" - Kings of Calypso (CD)

Lord Invader - "My Experience on the Rieperbahn" - Kings of Calypso (CD)

Lord Melody - "Shirley (Starving)" - Precious Melodies (CD)

The Mighty Terror - "Pan Talent" - Pan Poetry (CD)

Sundar Popo - "Dottish Boy" - Hot & Spicy Chutney (CD)

Natasha - "Sweet T & T" - Calypso Hits, Vol. 2 (CD)

Stan Seymour - "Woman in Space" - Everybody Loves Bermuda (LP)

Lord Melody - "My Baby Is All Right" - Precious Melodies (CD)

Eartha Kitt - "Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell" - Greatest Hits: Purr-fect