Setlist 4/08/2015 - Peter Cooper - 715 (For Hank Aaron)


Whiskey Bent Valley Boys

     Old Molly Hare

     Darlin’ Corey

     Rolling Mills

     Mississippi Sawyer

     Oh Whiskey      


Scott Mulvahill

     Top Of The Stairs

     Old Soul

     20/20 Vision

     Fighting for the Wrong Side

     Gold Plated Lie


The Get Right Band

     Get Right

     Write This Song For You

     We Work All Day

     Who’s In Charge

     Treat You Like


Blue Highway

     The Game

     Talk Is Cheap

     Just To Have A Job

     All The Things You Do

     Wondrous Love (Old Rugged Cross)

     Lonesome Pine


Nashville Jam - You Ain’t Going Nowhere