Jim Lauderdale - Hummingbirds


Tomi Fujiyama

     Shenandoah http://youtu.be/uH77Y2H-aks

     Help Me Make It Through The Night http://youtu.be/DhcDnwxy6WQ


Scott Miller

     Ciderville Saturday Night https://youtu.be/pdqS9IEywLI

     The Rain http://youtu.be/BXpuq0cuRUY

     People Rule https://youtu.be/fea7f-oInuc

     Sin In Indiana http://youtu.be/ubPSoeQj2pM

     Freedom’s A Stranger http://youtu.be/BUpZXu5qcm4

     Is There Room On The Cross? http://youtu.be/ESvnD_Htuzs


The Dustbowl Revival

     Hey Baby

     Leaving Time

     Big Boned Gal

     Feels Good http://youtu.be/HDm0TO1QlVY

     Lampshade On http://youtu.be/eF6YFiqJTN8


John Moreland

     Hang Me In The Tulsa County Stars

     Blacklist http://youtu.be/FETNBYsfdsQ

     You Don't Care for Me Enough to Cry http://youtu.be/euy4A5niG8Q

     I Need You To Tell Me Who I Am



Billy Joe Shaver

     Heart Of Texas

     Fit to Kill and Going Out in Style

     Honky Tonk Heroes http://youtu.be/KVSFxG0eXbc

     Sunbeam Special

     I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal http://youtu.be/sqDUnHv_g70

     Ride Me Down Easy

     You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ


Nashville Jam - Amazing Grace http://youtu.be/rKj1ddEdYeA