Jim Lauderdale - Water Water


Brian James & the Revival  

     Pain & Misery

     Memphis http://youtu.be/_IVA0xc32yI

     Highwater Blues



William Tyler

     ? Pono Toc

     Missionary Ridge http://youtu.be/dD_yS2CVBpU

     Portrait Of Sarah

     Tears and Saints


Haas Kowert Tice


     Down The Hatch

     Grandpa’s Cheesebarn http://youtu.be/ZM6egg_YJ0Q

     Monkey Trouble

     Skippjn’ in The Mississippi Dew /Kansas Waltz


Candi Staton

     I Ain’t Easy To Love

     Even the Bad Times      

     3 Minutes to Relapse


     I Like Where I’m At http://youtu.be/BKfRFwv-1eQ



Nashville Jam - The Thrill Is Gone http://youtu.be/rbz8_DUUFb0