We begin our International Blues Challenge Month with the first of three preview shows.

Tonight we will speak with Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons who took First Place last year in the Solo/Duo Challenge.  Ben & Joe will talk about their experience last year and everything that has occured since.  PLUS, they are just finishing their new album, and we'll get a taste of the lastest music.

Then Tracy K joins me.  Tracy has been an IBC Challenger in the Band Challenge, the Solo/Duo Challenge and then has had the opportunity to volunteer as a judge, so y'all get a total view of what the week has to offer from each perspective.

Billy The Kid Evanochko and his band, The Regulators, competed in the challenge in 2008 and then took Third Place in the Band Challenge in 2014.  Billy will talk about his experiences participating in the Challenge and how he and the band have benefited over the years.

Finally, Lucious Spiller took Second Place in the Solo/Duo Challenge in 2014.  More advice, stories and cautions to help you make your way through this year's Challenge.

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