CecileDoo-Kingue is out of Montreal, Canada and in 2015 she released AnybodyListeningPart1: Monologues.  It earned her multiple Maple Blues Award Nominations. In January she released AnybodyListeningPart2: Dialogues.  Cecile will join me and we will look at her road to today and I will try not to destroy her name!

Jimmi&TheBandOfSouls is out of the Minnesota area and represented the Minnesota Blues Society at the 2015 IBC.  The band recently released TheGraveyardShift to much anticipation.  Jimmi Langemo is the founder and leader of the band and he and I will talk about the band, his journey and the new album.

Couch Kid New Music brings back friend DaveMuskett. Dave has released his latest album TheDaveMuskettAcousticBand, LiveAtTheSlipperyNoodleInn.  Dave made the final stage at this year’s IBC and put on a killer performance. We’ll talk about his new album and where he is headed.

Couch Kid New Music also gives us a chance to revisit with SeanCarney.  Sean’s new release, Throwback, features Sean at his best.  Sean and I will talk about what he has been up to since his last visit, his time at the IBC this year and we’ll listen to the music from the album.