Pam Taylor comes by for Couch Kid News to talk about her new music, and what is next in her thrilling career.

Then Couch Kid New Music with Mick Kolassa and Mark Telesca who have gotten together to bluesify the Beatles…Wait!  You Can’t Do That…well actually they did and that is the title of their project.  We’ll talk and listen.

Kenny Neal has been around music his entire life…with 19 albums of his own and countless others of which he was a part.  Bloodline is his latest release.  We’ll talk to Kenny about his life and career and listen to the new album.

King Bee were the IBC representatives from Montgomery, Alabama this year and they earned their way to the Finals Stage.  I’ll chat with Jeff Cumings, and maybe the whole band and we’ll learn their history and their tales from IBC, while listening to music from The Beginning.

We never connected with Big Bill Morganfield, but will try and reschedule for the future