Mick Kolassa and Eric Hughes stop in to for COUCH KID NEWS to chat about the new acoustic album of Beatles tunes they are working on.  And Eric will also talk about his Go Fund Me Campaign for the next Eric Hughes Band Album.  

Jeremiah Johnson takes his seat on The Couch to talk about his thrilling journey.  From St. Louis to Houston to St. Louis, over the last 17 years, Jeremiah has built his sound and it is displayed in full on Heart Attack. I’ll chat with Jeremiah about his time in Houston, coming to Memphis for the IBC, his documentary Ride The Blues and much more.

Dylan Wicken and his band The Grand Nationals come at The Blues full force as any power trio would. The band has just released it’s sophomore effort, Hi Lo-Fi, and it is a long time coming for their many fans.  I’ll talk with Dylan about his path and the efforts behind the new album, released 6 years after his debut.

Matthew Skoller has just released Blues Immigrant, and I will have a chance to learn about this talented musician. We’ll dig into his travels from NY to Chicago and getting to perform with legends such as Jimmy Rogers and Deitra Farr to name two. The new album is deeply entrenched in the notion of cultural appropriation and we’ll discuss that with Matthew.