Tas Cru joins me to talk about his new release, Simmered & Stewed, due on November 11th.  Tas looks back at his recording career and reinvents 10 of his originals and the one cover he has recorded in his career.  We talk about the reasoning behind this reinvention and what is next for him.

Tracy K has been a staple on the scene in Canada for years and has released her fourth album, What’s The Rush.  We will take a journey with Tracy and learn more about her path to today and where she is headed tomorrow, while we listen to her music.

Teresa James returns to The Couch with her new album, Bonafide. She last sat with us back in April 2013. It will be fun to catch up with this talented vocalist and learn what has been happening in her life and the recording of this new album.

Peach first sat on The Couch in March 2013.  She returns with the new album, A Night In Copenhagen, recorded live at Café Bartof in January of this year.  Peach and I will talk about her life and career and the why she went to Denmark to record a live album.