All Couch Kid New Music

It has been since 2015 that Omar Kent Dykes joined me and I am so happy to welcome him back for his sixth visit to The Couch.  We'll talk about his new release Omar & The Howlers - Zoltar's Walk and find out what this legendary performer has been up to since we last visited.

Ilana Katz Katz has released Subway Stories, a 13-song collection with originals and some covers.  Can’t wait to find out what this remarkable musician has been up to since our last visit.

James Armstrong was last here for a special Silent Auction Show with John Nemeth.  Prior to that it was 2014.  His new album is Blues Been Good To Me and the 10 songs on the album continue to show James’ skills as a songwriter, musician and singer.  We’ll talk about the album and all that has been going on in his life.