Franc Robert caught the fever from Eric Clapton in 1980 and has been working his guitar ever since. 
From Montreal to Tampa, he played in the local jams whenever he could.  After a six year sabbatical so he could work to keep his family clothed and fed, he began anew and has been moving forward ever since.
In 2010 he formed the Boxcar Tourists.  In 2012 he was a challneger at the IBC as a solo artist. Now the band has released a new album 49x61 and Franc will join me to discuss his career and music.
Brad Hatfield began playing guitar at 10 years old. When he was 25 an accident ended his career as a guitarist.
He was now in search of another instrument to channel his creative outlet. The harmonica became that instrument.
His debut album Uphill From Anywhere is a collection of solid blues music from this Cincinnatti native.
Brad and I will discuss his journey and check out music from the album
Albert Castiglia began playing guitar at 12 and has gone on to play for Junior Wells and Sandra hall before going out on his own.
Fans worldwide have been thrilled by his textural playing and it is showcased again in his latest album Living The Dream.
Exploring Albert's life and music along with the stories he is sure to tell will be a great segment.
"Musicians You Should Know"