When bands traveled to Austrailia in the 80's and 90's, Isaiah B Brunt was their go-to guy for a guitarist and the studio of choice.  Isaiah has worked with Julio Iglesias and his orchestra, the Goo Goo Dolls and more.
He represented the Sydney Blues Society at the IBC in 2011. 
His new EP shows off his numerous skills as a musician.  Isaiah writes, sings and plays: guitar, slide, lap steel, piano and ukulele.
I get a chance to sit with Isaiah and discuss his career and we will listen to his music.
Then Wendy DeWitt joins me.  I met Wendy a tthis year's IBC and she is some kind of talented.
Wendy has appeared with Charlie Musselwhite, Otis Rush, and Etta James and she is the producer of the Queens of Boogie Woogie shows around California and the Blues Piano Orgy productions in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I get to speak with Wendy and share her music with you all.
Then I am honored to be given the chance to premier new music for you once again!
Lee Pons' album "Togged to the BRICKS" is set to drop on April 4th meaning we get to play you cuts two days in advance!
I will also discuss the recording process with Lee who first sat on The Couch back in August of 2011.
"Musicians You Should Know"