The last IBC Preview show before the Live Webcasts begin next week.
Joe Whitmer is Deputy Director of the IBC and is personally responsible for the overall logistics of the event.
I will chat with Joe about the way the IBC has exploded in recent years and what that means to ensuring the event runs as smooth as possible, including a change to the schedule for the finals on Saturday.
Then Chef Chris joins me.  With his band, The Nairobi Trio, he came to Memphis in 2002 for the 18th IBC and they took first place in the Band Challenge.
What has Chris been up to since the?  What advice would he give?  We will chat with Chris and listen to some of his music.
And then, our final IBC past-winner joins me.  Last year's band Challenge winners, The WIRED! Band takes their seats.
How have Kevin, Rick and Keith managed the many opportunities afforded the winning Band and what do they see as the keys to their victory?  I will discuss that and more with the guys while we check out some of their tunes.
New Music Preview occurs when Rusty Wright and Laurie Lacross-Wright join me to discuss their latest release, which will be dropping right around the date of their appearance.
They used to get the project financed and we will discuss the journey that entails and what is in store for the band in 2013.