Larry "Fuzzy" Knight played in Spirit with Randy California in the late 70's, and for the last 20 years he has led the in-demand LA based band Blowin' Smoke. 
And just because he can, he has lauched a new project Sky King with some top LA musicians.
I will chat with Larry about his long career and where he is bringing his music to today and tomorrow while we check out his music.
Kirsten Thien has been compared to others, but she truly has found her own place in the blues and soul of her music.
Her latest release, Solo Live From The Meisenfrei Blues Club is a pure treat to the senses.  
Where did this young lady find her chops and what is in her future are some of the topics she and I will explore as we listen to cuts from this great album.
Then I get to speak with John A Bigham whose soul-roots project is called The Soul Of John Black.
The latest release is entitled A Sunshine State Of Mind and it is a collection of some tasty tunes. 
We'll explore how John came to find this musical alter-ego and what is in store for the future. And, of course, we'll check out some songs from the new album.
"Musicians You Should Know" - Come join us!