The third of our Roundtables, where we bring in experts in their field and let them discuss the industry and thier feelings toward music today.
Past Roundtables were with Music Bloggers and Industry PR Representitives.
For this roundtable, we have invited four of the most prolific Producers working today. In addition, all are talented musicians in their own right.
Scott Abeyta is founder and president of Rip Cat Records, where he has also produced some of the great music from their roster.
Boo Mitchell is the son of legendary Willie Mitchell who ran Royal Studios in Memphis until his death.  Boo has taken over the operations there and has produced music by Al Green, John Mayer, Solomon Burke and many others.
Dave Gross has worked with Debbie Davies, Gina Sicilia and Matt Hill among others, producing their music.  He is also a skilled musician who appears on many of the albums he produces.
Stephen Dees is a great bass player and also co-owner of Wildroot Records.  He plays with Victor Wainwright and The Wildroots and produced their last album.  he is also working with a numebr of other artists in that capacity.
This should be a wonderful show with some incredibly talented folks.