Jim Casey talks with Chris Janson about:

  • scoring his third Top 10 hit with "Drunk Girl" in 2018
  • a chance encounter with Neil Young that led to his first paycheck as a musician
  • releasing his new single, "Good Vibes," on Feb. 8
  • co-writing "Good Vibes" with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell
  • the positive message behind "Good Vibes"
  • playing new songs at his concerts before releasing them
  • releasing his upcoming album in September
  • celebrating his one-year anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in March
  • joining Chris Young's Raised On Country Tour in May
  • becoming a brand ambassador for Hohner Harmonicas

Podcast Participants:

  • Chris Janson

  • Jim Casey, editor in chief of Nash Country Daily

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