Jim Casey talks with Hunter Hayes about:

  • life-living and self-discovery as a 27-year-old
  • releasing his first single in three years to country radio, "Heartbreak"
  • the genesis of "Heartbreak," which set the tone for his upcoming album
  • trying to stay optimistic in the face of negativity
  • releasing his self-titled debut album in 2011
  • growing up in the industry as a young artist
  • finishing his upcoming fourth studio album
  • removing the filters—lyrically and musically—from his new songs
  • working with producer, Sam Ellis, on the upcoming album after working with Dann Huff on previous albums
  • headlining his Closer to You Tour
  • playing new songs during his live show

Podcast Participants:

  • Hunter Hayes

  • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief

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