Jim Casey talks with singer/songwriter/actress Clare Bowen and her husband, Brandon Robert Young, about:

  • releasing her self-titled debut album in the U.S. on July 12
  • releasing the album in Germany, U.K. and Australia over the last year
  • starring as Scarlett O'Connor on Nashville for six season
  • growing up in Australia
  • speaking with a Southern U.S. accent on Nashville
  • working and touring with Charles Esten
  • overcoming cancer as a four-year-old
  • drawing from childhood experiences for her new album
  • opening the album with new single, "Let It Rain"
  • featuring Buddy Miller on new song, "Tide Rolls In"
  • the tender new song, "All the Beds I've Made," which Clare and Robert co-penned about each other
  • closing the album with the gut-wrenching ballad, "Warrior"
  • performing the album live
  • upcoming acting projects

Podcast Participants

  • Clare Bowen

  • Brandon Robert Young

  • Jim Casey, editor-in-chief of NCD

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