This week’s podcast is a little something to tide you over while you wait for our coverage of this year’s horror hound weekend Indianapolis horror convention. Portals to Possibility is a comedy podcast starring Amy Morris, Kelley Kombrinck, and Mike Chiseck. It is written and directed by Alison Rampa and produced by Freddy Morris. What follows is the pilot for the series. If you like it, you can find more at or subscribe to the series in the iTunes store or your pod catcher of choice. 

An homage to Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM, Portals is a radio program hosted by cryptozoologists who investigate and report on all things strange and otherworldly.  Each week our hosts interview a different monster, crip tid or urban legend to find the truth behind the myth. In this, the pilot episode you'll learn all about our intrepid crew. 

We hope you Enjoy!