Ismo Haavisto and Andres Roots (Morganfield Blues); Muddy Waters (Country Blues (No. 1)); Muddy Waters (Soon Forgotten); Big Bill Morganfield (Dirty Dealin' Mama); Mud Morganfield (Blues In My Shoes); Watermelon Slim (Eau De Boue); Paul Rodgers (Muddy Water Blues); Bessie Smith (Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl); Ann Cook (He's The Sweetest Black Man In Town); Doug MacLeod (Dubb's Talkin' Barnyard Blues); Walter Horton (Hard Hearted Woman); Johnny Shines Blues Band (Layin' Down My Shoes And Clothes); Chris Antonik (Come From A Good Place); Lee Delray (Walkin' In The Rain); Roy Buchanan (Beer Drinking Woman).