Dr. Charlie (The Ballad Of John Mayall); John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers (Short Wave Radio); William Moore (Raggin' The Blues); Richard 'Hacksaw' Harney (Ragtime Blues); Eddie Turner (Mr. Blues); Frank Palmes (Ain't Gonna Lay My 'Ligion Down - Take 1); Reverend Gary Davis (Pure Religion); Eddie Boyd (Got Me Seein' Double); The Ty Curtis Band (Five Long Years); Jesse 'Babyface' Thomas (Down In Texas Blues); Henry Thomas (Charmin' Betsy); 24 Pesos (Never Saw The Devil); Oli Brown (Evil Soul); Big Town Playboys (Sweet Baby Of Mine); Andres Roots and Eric Gebhardt (Brothers Grim); Watermelon Slim (End Of The Line).