The nineteenth episode! I (Jack Brew) am here to play you some of my favourite ska, reggae and ska punk tunes from around the globe! This episode is all about a cd! a compilation cd, Ska Is Dead, put out by Asian Man Records and Household Name Records in 2007, it introduced me to a load of new ska and ska punk bands! So i am sharing them with you in the hope it will do the same for you!   Streetlight Manifesto - Point/Counterpoint The Planet Smashers - Explosive The Pietasters - Freak Show SUBB - The Motions The JB Conspiracy - Drop Your Anchor Voodoo Glow Skulls - Shoot The Moon Catch 22 - She Needs Protection Catch-It Kebabs - She Needs Protection Mustard Plug - Throw A Bomb Against All Authority - The Next Song Buck-O-Nine - Less Than Comfortable The Toasters - I Wasn't Going To Call You Anyway Go Jimmy Go - Bang The Skillet Chris Murray Combo - We Do The Ska