Earl "Fatha" Hines - "Rosetta"

Harry McClintock - "Ain't We Crazy"

Euneeda Bodenheim - "Winetta's Whimsy Shed™"

Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra - "At Your Beck and Call"

William Jennings Bodenheim - "Yiddish Hula Boy (Becky, I Ain't Comin' Back No More)"

Lil Armstrong & Her Orchestra - "I'm on a Sit-Down Strike for Rhythm"

Billie Holiday - "The Very Thought of You"

Marion Harris - "Afraid of You"

Gus Bodenheim - "Gas Station Brand Hot Dogs™"

Flip the Frog - "Room Runners (1932)"

Jules Ah See - "Kohala March"

Betty Grable & Hilo Hattie - "Down on Ami Ami Oni Oni Isle"

Hartman's Heartbreakers - "Let Me Play with It"

Prince Partridge - "Choosing a Career"

Fats Waller - "Your Feet's Too Big"