"Dirty Cash" was sung by Melody Washington,[1] composed/played by Mick Walsh, produced by Stevie Vincent and released on the Mercury Record Label.

"Dirty Cash" was first released in 1989 on Mercury Record Label,then again in 1990 both on 7" vinyl, where it went to number one on the US dance chart.

Dirty Cash was then re-released as a remastered '97 remix in 1997. In June 2014, "Dirty Cash" was once again remixed, this time by Alan Fitzpatrick.

Billboard wrote about the song: "Huge U.K. track is finally unleashed stateside sporting some new mixes. Seductive house track with an underground sensibility sports a tasty vocal hook and top of the chart potential."

The Gavin Report wrote about the song: "British-based writer/producer Stevie Vincent spent six weeks Top Ten in the U.K. with this track, selling a quarter million copies in the process—no easy task in that market. Vocalist Melody Washington, a music teacher from Georgia living in England and teaching for the U.S. Air Force, met Stevie while she was playing in a local club near his home. A fortunate meeting for them and for us, who get to ride the rhythm of this exceptional entry."

Network 40 wrote: "Almost a mood piece, "Dirty Cash" has a soulful vocal approach backed by a Euro-dance production somewhat reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys."