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It is time for our second annual remembering Ronnie James Dio for his Birthday. This time, we scored an interview with Claude Schnell, who crawled out from under his rock (you must listen to the interview to get the joke). You will love the stories Claude tells of his time with the DIO band and his personal memories of his and Ronnie's relationship. What does Claude think of the hologram? Guess who almost became the guitar player for the band? Why did Ronnie pay for Claude's Mom to eat? All this and more, during this special and awesome interview. We promise you will love it.

Also, on this special episode, we have the world premiere of a brand-new song by Sin MG. A Post-Grunge Alternative Metal band from South-side of Chicago, driven to create music with power, groove and passion. They are allowing us to present for the first time anywhere, their new song "Molon Labe!!" As always, with any band, we give you two songs, so ensure you listen for their second song "Light" as well during the show.

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