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On Ep #38, Randy and Troy welcome the Appice brothers, Carmine and Vinny. Both are legendary drummers and all around great guys. They just released their first album together called Sinister and OuchYOMH got to talk to them about that album, plus a whole lot more. Ever wondered who gives the better gifts for Birthdays or Christmas' between the two? Well they tell the boys that and much more. So strap in, because this interview is a lot of fun.

OuchYOMH has their first repeat band to showcase and it is none other than Black Sixteen. A very dark, aggressive, deep band from London, whom the boys fell in love with back on Ep #17. This go around, Black Sixteen brought Troy and Randy a new song called Freak and Choke, which is an older one in the bands arsenal. You will love both songs showcased on this episode.

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