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On Ep #88, please welcome the author of the Ronnie James Dio biography, Mr. James Curl. James talks to Randy and Troy about why he wrote the book, how he was able to get the like of Claude Schnell, Jeff Pilson, Tracy G, Vivian Campbell, Rowan Robertson to contribute to the book and so much more. Also find out what book he is working on next, which shall we say, he is keeping "Under Lock and Key." After listening to this interview, you will want to go to Amazon or email James (Curl88(at)hotmail(dot)com) to buy "Ronnie James Dio: A Biography of a Heavy Metal Icon."

Since it's an episode about Ronnie, the boys were able to get Lions Share on the podcast to showcase two awesome Black Sabbath covers the band just released on their new EP. You will love their versions of Mob Rules and Heaven and Hell. These dudes rock it and keep the spirit of Ronnie alive.

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