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Everyone learns from those who came before and in music it is no different. Those Heavy Metal and Hair Metal bands Troy and Randy listened to (and still do) from the 80's were influenced by the bands and artists from the 60's and 70's. On this episode the boys talk about bands like Led Zeppelin, The Animals, The Stones, Grand Funk Railroad and more. So tell us, who else could have been on that list?

In keeping with the theme of this episode, check out the cool sounds of Porno Wolves. Porno Wolves are a premium blend of blues, psychedelia, sex appeal and rock ‘n’ roll. The four-piece has erected their authentic sound on a foundation of musicianship and the classic rock canon. Fuzzed out leads, complex riffs, thought provoking lyrics, dense harmonies, and driving beats come together to create what Music Connection Magazine describes as “a whole lot of sound.”

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