In this podcast episode, Jeffrey Scott Dehart, the CEO of Pediclothing, explores the intersection between fashion and culture. He discusses how fashion is not just about aesthetics, but is also a reflection of our values and traditions. Dehart delves into the ways in which fashion has been influenced by different cultures throughout history and how it has evolved over time. Dehart also reflects on the importance of cultural appropriation and the responsibility that designers have to be respectful and mindful of the cultures they are drawing inspiration from. He discusses the impact of globalization on fashion and how it has both facilitated the exchange of ideas and created a need for more responsible and sustainable practices in the industry. Throughout the episode, Dehart shares his personal experiences working in the fashion industry and offers insights into the future of fashion and culture. This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in fashion, culture, and the ways in which they intersect and influence each other.

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