Smokey, smokey
I love the elephant zoots
Better move from me, you ain't my g
No, you ain't getting no twos
Fuck a ID, it's straight on-sight
If I don't recognise you
Ratt, ratt, that's bro, bro
Gonna start stepping on yutes
GD out the can, the opps dem scared
Yeah he was pressuring yutes
No food in your belly, your armpits smelly
Plus you was stepping in Loubs
When you hear that bang, just know it's gang
Something like bombs on tubes
Everyone raps, everyone bangs
More time I don't know these yutes

Get man down if he don't comply
Back man's blade, tryna take man's eye
Back man's friend, 'cause I back my guy
And it breaks my heart when a man don't ride
Crash, crash at a next man's house
No love for a yute if he runs his mouth
See I love this life and I love this bow-bow
Switch off a next man's child
Man run up in blocks like they ain't got lifts
Man's deep in the pond tryna catch some fish
Let me put it like this, they were never on piss
Now they're stabbing up kids
And I'm sick of this shit
Man I'm sick of these lies
Man just pull up and fry
GD, that's bro, can I get that pole?
Man pull up and pull up and sku-du-du, bye

[Skengdo & Kenny Allstar:]
Ballie on when I step
Right left, right, and then left
Would've thought his friend was a opp
Cah he left his bredrin for dead
Oui, oui with the nine
Or sku-du-du with the ten (410)
Aye, sku-du-du-du-du for them

[Kenny Allstar:]
410 business, 2Bunny
You don't like that?
Mad About Bars: season two
Let's close the curtain in style
You know we had to give the streets two
Can't leave with just one
AM, Skengdo, let's take it in, man!

[Skengdo & Kenny Allstar]
Don't gimme no chat
Shut your mouth, don't gimme no chat
Oh shit, haha, tell them!
Xin Zhao Xin that's samurai YAM
Drill business, damn!