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This week's very special guest is RM Hubbert! My third sit down with Hubby which includes an honest chat about him and his music.

You can buy RM Hubbert's album via shop.chemikal.co.uk/acatalog/CHEM238.html#aCHEM238

Please listen and enjoy and remember to check out the artists in more depth.

  1. RM Hubbert - 'Sweet Dreams (feat. Marnie)' (Chemikal Underground)
  2. Kathryn Joseph - 'The Outtakes' (Hits The Fan Records)
  3. Rachel’s - 'Wally, Egon & Models In the Studio' (Quarterstick)
  4. Marnie - 'We Are The Sea' (Cobraside)
  5. Kathryn Williams - 'Mirrors' (One Little Indian)
  6. RM Hubbert - 'Kas (feat. Aby Vulliamy)' (Chemikal Underground)
  7. HQFU - 'Dust & Dirt' (HQFU)
  8. RM Hubbert - 'The Unravelling (feat. Martha Ffion)' (Chemikal Underground)


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